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District Judge Cathy Seibel in White Plains federal court of 29 counts, including murder, racketeering, drug, firearms, and witness tampering charges, after a six-week jury trial. Attorney Preet Bharara stated: For far too long, the residents of Newburgh were plagued by lethal violence and narcotics trafficking at the hands of these two defendants and their cronies, and in just nine hours, the jury unanimously found them guilty of a catalogue of crimes, including the tragic murder of an innocent year-old boy who was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Their reign of terror is now over for good and everyone can breathe easier as a result. Between andthe Newburgh Latin Kings and their trusted associates sold crack cocaine, heroin, powder cocaine, and marijuana at drug spots in Newburgh, including the areas of Benkard Avenue and William Street, and South Miller Street and Broadway. The violence included frequent shootings, stabbings, and assaults of rival drug dealers, including members of another gang in Newburgh known as the Bloods, as well as witnesses and suspected Government witnesses within their own gang.

The Newburgh Latin Kings had regular chapter meetings at which attendance was mandatory and members were required to pay dues. At the meetings, members discussed their criminal activities and alleged transgressions of chapter rules. Furthermore, at the meetings the Newburgh Latin Kings discussed conflicts with other gangs. In some instances, the Crown Council used meetings to order attacks on individuals and rival gangs.

The members of the gang then drove to the vicinity of Dubois Street and shot at individuals they mistakenly believed were members of the Bloods, including Jeffrey Zachary, a year old, who was shot and killed. The violence culminated in March with the shooting deaths of Scarlett and Maldonado on back-to-back nights of bloodshed.

SANCHEZ spoke on the phone with other members of the gang at they walked Maldonado to the intersection of Benkard and Little Monument Street, where a shooter, recruited by gang members that same day, lay in wait to gun Maldonado down. Bharara thanked the member agencies of the Task Force for their work in the investigation. Assistant U. Wilson Pagan, et al.

S20 Indictment. You are here U. Department of Justice. Monday, March 4, Component s :. Press Release Number:.Here are all the different Far Cry 4 endings to the main campaign. These story endings differ depending on your choices when you confront Pagan Min at the beginning and end of the main story campaign.

You will have the option to kill Pagan Min, or to spare him. Your choice in that moment will directly effect what is revealed to you. When you begin the game and are brought to Pagan's dinner table. Pagan says he will be right back and you should wait there. He will return after an extended wait approximately 13 minutes. He will invite you to follow him to the helicopter.

Pagan also will reveal that Lakshmana is your half sister. He explains that Mohan, your father, killed her and your mother killed Mohan because of that. He will lead you to Lakshmana's shrine, where you can place your mothers ashes. Pagan is awaiting outside to bring you back and "start shooting guns". Complete the Golden Path quests, choosing to support either Amita or Sabal. Once you have defeated the royal guard, and destroyed the statue of Pagan Min, drive to the Palace to confront him.

You have your gun drawn on Pagan Min at the dining table at the Royal Palace. You pull the trigger. Pagan Min is dead.

The King is Dead. Immediately after pulling the trigger, the credits roll. You will have a radio conversation with the leader of the Golden Path, talking about the fact you succeeded, but did not find Lakshmana.

If you don't pull the trigger, you will put down the gun an sit down for dinner. This is where Pagan Min will drop a bombshell on you: you are the king of Kyrat. Pagan will then get up and lead you to where you need to go to Lakshmana.

Pagan also will reveal Lakshmana is a person, your half sister. He explains that Mohan, your father, killed her and your mother killed Mohan because of it. Pagan will hop onto a helicopter and take off. Watch him fly away and see the credits roll. You'll have a radio conversation with the leader of the Golden Path about laying your mother to rest and overthrowing Pagan Min.It features many of the same mechanics and weapons as its predecessor, with engine enhancements designed to take advantage of the power of next-gen consoles.

The plot of the game includes threads which show that at least the three main previous Far Cry games took place in the same world, though it does not really follow on from them, instead taking place in a fictional nation similar to Nepal, Kyrat, located in the depths of the Himalayas.

The player takes on the role of Ajay Ghale, an ethnic Kyrati raised in the United States who returns to his homeland to fulfil his mother's last wish to have her ashes scattered at an obscure temple deep in the mountains.

Bronx gun and heroin trafficking ring busted: N.Y. Attorney General James

Finding his country under the heel of a flamboyant despot named Pagan Min, he quickly falls in with the Golden Path resistance movement, with the ultimate goal of overthrowing Min's tyrannical regime. A season pass is available for DLC: only the second, "The Hurk Deluxe Pack," includes any new weapons, making the three pre-order bonus guns available at stores for free. Since this game takes place in the Stone Age, it does not feature firearms.

Note: spoilers and hazardous levels of the phrase "as before" are present in some descriptions. By default the player character, Ajay Ghale, has one weapon slot; further slots, along with additional carrying capacity for ammunition, are gained by hunting local animals and using their skins to make bandoliers, pouches and belts in the game's Crafting menu.

In this way he can ultimately equip up to four weapons at once. Unlike Far Cry 3 and similarly to Far Cry 2one of these must be from the sidearm class; the other three, however, can be any weapons the player chooses. This is because of the new ability to fire weapons while in vehicles, which can only be done with sidearms. Other sidearms can be equipped in the main weapon slots; if this is done, the player will be able to select between these weapons while in a vehicle. Hunting is made more complex in 4 due to a system by which pelts can become damaged; the bows, crossbow and knife will result in two pelts from one animal and a Karma bonus, while using too heavy a weapon will result in a damaged pelt with decreased value which cannot be used for crafting.

Using a sufficiently large weapon on a sufficiently small animal will simply obliterate it and leave nothing at all. As before, ammunition is determined by weapon subtypes, not by what the weapon would actually fire, so the 5.

Ajay can also carry supplies of mines, C4 packs, hand grenades, throwing knives and molotovs. The former two are treated as the fifth and sixth weapon slots, while the latter three are thrown with a hotkey with a key to switch between them.

Weapons are gained from stores, and can be acquired in one of three ways; either bought with currency, unlocked by picking them up from enemies, or unlocked by deactivating propaganda transmitters on the old Bell Towers scattered across Kyrat. The latter is explained to be done out of gratitude by the new arms dealer character, Longinus, who is implied to be either Prosper Kouassi or Leon Gakumba from Far Cry 2. Weapon unlocks in Far Cry 4 are separated into a series of major batches, and unlike the previous game the final two sets that unlock in the North cannot be unlocked for free via Bell Towers.

It is also possible to unlock new starting weapons in Arena Mode by gaining experience in the Arena itself or by progressing in the Far Cry 4 Arena mobile app if it is linked to the player's uPlay account. Once a weapon is purchased or unlocked, it can be equipped an unlimited number of times for no further fee. Accessories and paint schemes for weapons can also be bought, and unlike weapons there is no way to get these for free; they must be bought for each weapon and are not interchangeable between them, and each weapon has a set number of upgrades which can be applied to it at the same time.

Weapons with an "extended magazine" upgrade will generally not change visually to indicate its presence. In addition to regular weapons, special "Signature" weapons with fixed unique paint schemes, attachment combinations and bonuses can be made available for purchase by completing various prerequisites; these are always better than the basic weapon they are modifications of, though they may be limited in certain ways such as not mounting the best available optic or being unable to use a suppressor.

Like accessories, they must always be bought and are never unlocked for free. Ajay is closer to Rex Colt than Jason Brody when it comes to abilities, starting the game with almost all of his core combat capabilities such as cooking grenades and using guns on ziplines already unlocked. The "Auto-Cross" is a fictional magazine-fed repeating crossbow which appears to be built on an Izhmash PP Bizon ; it is treated as a one-handed weapon, meaning it can be equipped in the secondary weapon slot.Guns and Pagans.

Coming of age as they did in the s, American Wicca, Goddess spirituality, and the many varieties of Neo-Paganism influenced by their development often advocate principles of non-violence that seem to exclude weapons-craft, particularly gun-craft. Some grudgingly permit an athameor even a sword especially in ceremonial magicbut the aesthetic and esoteric line is usually drawn there. But a growing number of Pagans are coming to integrate the active use of firearms into their spiritual practice.

For some, learning to use a modern weapon is a means of connecting to and honoring their ancestors while for others, it is a commonsense skill in an uncertain and often violent world — one in which Pagans remain a religious minority. Whether you love them or hate them, firearms are a significant part of the world in which we live, and feelings run hot on their significance for Pagan living.

pagan firearms

A Tool for Survival. Weapons played a pivotal role in the lives of our ancestors. How can you live a religion that honors the Earth, the Old Ways, and not hunt?

Hunting was how the food landed on the table, how wild animals were driven off when they came into the village, and how the men occupied themselves. Now we have guns, and shooting an animal for meat is just as allowable to the Gods as going out to the market and buying it.

What is it about guns that makes everyone so nervous? Pagans work with a bevy of personal weapon iconography — swords, knives, bows and arrows, etc. The gods gave us brains and hands with which to invent tools to help us survive.

We tamed fire, made spears, plows, axes, swords, knives, wagons, armor, cars, cotton gins and guns. We use these tools to hunt, farm, transport and survive. Throughout history, minorities of all sorts have been disarmed throughout [the world] in order to control, subjugate, or even kill them. As a religious minority, the right to own the tools to defend ourselves becomes even more important, even sacred.

The handgun of today is the bow, the sword and the battleaxe of our ancestors. Guns in Our Spiritual Practice. Weapons work is an integral part of our regular spiritual practice! For the two of us, weapons work is as important a part of our spirituality as prayer, ritual, or devotion. Honoring Warrior Goddesses and Gods and consciously striving to better ourselves as warriors is an ongoing devotional practice.

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This process has entailed acquiring an intimate awareness of weapons and weapons-craft, an awareness which has taught us discipline, focus, and respect — both for ourselves as tools of the Gods we love and serve, and for those we interact with in a sacred context.

My desire to become proficient at this new craft intensified several years ago when my family was the victim of a hate crime involving a gun. Realizing how defenseless we were culminated in my commitment to learning how to safely carry and use a gun. Please note: we are going to put aside the question of Pagan pacifism and address only arguments specific to gun use; we grant that if your spirituality requires you to forego violence in every form and to never take life, you will find Pagan weapons-work to be an oxymoron.

Pagan Arguments Against Guns. Guns are inherently dishonorable. This is an interesting and frequently-voiced complaint against firearms by people in warrior traditions. The honor or lack thereof comes from within. Oregon author and Pagan, Lupa touches on this when she writes on gun use and hunting:. Of course, we see a great amount of dishonor by hunters who are out just to get a trophy; however, those who are mindful of hunting rituals meant to placate the spirit of the animals taken should not shun the idea of a weapon that produces a quicker death, with a minimum of stress on the animal immediately preceding that death.

The responsibility. If this point is valid, then we Pagans should also forgo the use of bows, crossbows, or even longswords, weapons which are viewed with a certain respect in most Pagan circles.

We live in a culture in which weapons craft is not integral to daily survival. Dishonorable combat was that which benefited only oneself. Part of the reason behind this idea is inexperience; most folks have gained their primary impression of guns from Hollywood. Those of us who actually shoot can tell you that using a gun is nothing like a Dirty Harry movie.

It takes an immense amount of skill to shoot a gun well and accurately; from loading the magazine of a pistol to firing accurately, the entire process takes a level of concentration and skill that is unusual in modern life.A North Bergen man wearing Pagans Motorcycle Club clothing was arrested in Newark early Wednesday after he was spotted firing a gun, police said.

Larry M. Ortiz, 28, also tried to escape police by speeding away from officers on his motorcycle, but eventually crashed in Elizabeth, Newark police said in a statement.

Newark police responded to the block of Sherman Avenue around a. Officers saw a man on a motorcycle drive away from the scene, and witnesses told the officers that a man on a motorcycle fired a gun on Miller and Vanderpool streets, which run parallel, police said.

No injuries were reported to police. Officers then located a man on Frelinghuysen Avenue and Empire Street who fit a description given to them. Police said the man ignored the officers' demands to pull over.

Pagan Firearms

Instead, police say, he sped away. He was arrested and taken to the hospital. As of Wednesday afternoon, he was in stable condition. Ortiz was charged with possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose and eluding. He was also given additional summonses for several traffic violations.

After an Edison man was charged with brutally beating a Hells Angels associate near a clubhouse in Newark, the New Jersey State Police sent an unclassified memo to law enforcement warning of the Pagans intentions of expanding their territory "violently if necessary.

The memo, obtained by NJ Advance Media, said the Pagans are beefing up membership on the entire East Coast by absorbing other outlaw motorcycle gangs. Alex Napoliello may be reached at anapoliello njadvancemedia.

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Pagan’s Motorcycle Club member arrested for firing shots in the air at wake, police say

Community Rules apply to all content you upload or otherwise submit to this site. Ad Choices. Ortiz, 28, of North Bergen.Pagan Firearms specialises in recreational hunting with firearms and hunting dogs.

pagan firearms

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Have you seen our website? Check out the range we carry and what is on special. New products added daily! Wrangler 22LR Single Action Revolver Built on the legacy of Ruger's rugged and reliable single-action revolvers and comfortable-shooting.A previous law enforcement memo, obtained by NJ Advance Media, has warned that the club is looking to expand in the Jersey City area. In the Oct.

Padilla Jr. The complaint said a retired Jersey City police officer witnessed the incident and also saw Padilla put the gun under the seat of the pickup truck.

Padilla was charged with possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose, unlawful possession of a weapon and certain persons not to carry weapons, police said.

pagan firearms

The certain persons not to carry offense carries a maximum prison sentence of 10 years, while the other offenses carry three- to five-year sentences.

Kreush, 30, of North Bergen, was charged with unlawful possession of a weapon and hindering apprehension. The shooting happened just days before the State Commission of Investigation conducted a daylong hearing in Trenton, on Oct. Richter was present at the Oct. He then led the crowd gathered at the burial site in a chant. A representative for the funeral home did not return a call for comment.

As part of its recent expansion, the Pagans have been acquiring Hispanic members and members of traditional street gangs, like the Bloods and the Latin Kings, according to police. The incident outside the funeral home was briefly mentioned by law enforcement officials at the SCI hearing as an example of how violence among Pagan members puts the public at risk.

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